Everything with You (With You #3) by Kaylee Ryan

My eyes are glued to the dance floor as I watch my wife and my sister having the time of their lives. Watching her smile and laugh, damn, I can do this forever. Watching her walk down the aisle with Mr. Emerson, our eyes locked with one another, I swear I felt the world move.

Before she walked down the aisle, I had Aiden, Hales, and my mom and dad bring her a gift to represent her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Each gift was a piece of me I was giving her, until she said, “I do.” I stood next to the priest, with Aiden to my right, trying to hold it together. I watched as each guest took their seat, idly talking about the decorations. There were flowers of white and purple rimmed in silver surrounding the church and candles along the aisles. My Allie wanted a fairytale wedding and that’s what I gave her.

“Hales!” I hear Allie’s voice, bringing me back to the present. She and Hales are dancing to “Call Me Maybe” and she’s happy. We’re happy.

Today is my wedding day and my face hurts from smiling. Today, my beautiful girl became my wife. The moment she appeared at the end of the aisle, it took everything I had in me not to run to her. That moment, the moment I laid eyes on my wife, will forever be engrained in my memory. I don’t think there will ever be a moment in my life that tops today. I was thrilled when I made it into the NFL. I knew I would be able to live out my dream with Allie by my side. I thought that was the happiest day of my life; I was wrong. Nothing will top this, ever. I know Aiden is sitting next to me and he is just as enthralled with my sister as I am my wife. We can’t even pull our eyes away from them to carry on a conversation. He asked Hales to marry him earlier and, of course, she said yes. My best friend is now officially going to be my brother, Allie’s too.

Life is good.

Feeling a strong hand clamp down on my shoulder, I don’t bother to turn to see who it is. It doesn’t matter. My eyes are glued to my beautiful wife. “What are you two…” my dad’s voice trails off as he follows our stare. Aiden and I have been watching them for…well, I really don’t know how long. All I know is that I could watch her like this forever. I want that smile to stay plastered on her face.

“Never mind,” he says with a chuckle.

The girls walk off toward the restroom and allow me to acknowledge my dad. “She’s beautiful,” I tell him. Telling him is unnecessary. My wife is glowing.

Dad laughs and shakes his head at me. He knows I’m a goner; that girl has me wrapped tight.

Aiden turns to us. “She said yes.” His smile is beaming.

Dad throws his head back and laughs. “Did you really think she wouldn’t?”

“No. I mean yes, I thought she would say yes, but it’s official. She’s mine, or at least she will be,” he tells us. “Hales wants a short engagement, so soon.”

Dad smiles at him. “Just remember she was mine first. She will always be my little girl. I’m trusting you with her,” he warns. I can see the warmth in his eyes. He knows just as well as I do that Hales is in good hands. Aiden worships her and he should. He fought his attraction to my little sister. He didn’t want to ruin our friendship or theirs. All he had to do was tell me she was his. Allison and I knew. He loves her irrevocably. As her brother, that’s all I can ask for.

Aiden nods. He doesn’t need to say anything; we all know. He loves her and she loves him. Like I said, life is good.

Dad asks us about the season and Aiden and I are officially distracted, that is, until I feel small hands come around my waist. Her scent surrounds me and I immediately place my hands over hers. I feel her rest her head against my back. I gently pull on her hand to bring her in front of me. She’s still in her wedding dress. Her hair is falling around her face from all the dancing. As beautiful as she is in that dress, I want to see it on the floor. I can’t wait to get her out of it and make love to my wife.

Pulling her tight against my chest, I lean down and whisper in her ear, “I need to get you out of this dress, my beautiful wife.”

Allie blushes and tightens her arms around my waist. She looks up at me with a faint smile. “Liam, we have to cut the cake. We can’t leave yet.” She gently smacks my chest as to scold me.

I look over her head at the table the cake sits on. “Let’s do this,” I say, clasping her hand in mine and dragging her to the table. If this damn cake is all that’s in my way of ravishing my new wife, it’s being sliced, diced, and whatever else you do to a cake. I can’t wait much longer.

We reach the table and Allison is laughing. “Liam—” The sound of her laughter warms my heart. She has had so much sadness; she deserves this, all this and more.

I don’t give her the chance to say anything else before my lips crash with hers. I hear a throat clearing, and I groan as I pull my lips from hers. Looking up, I see my mom standing there holding a knife and wearing a smile. “I can only assume you’re ready to cut the cake.” Duh? Have you seen my wife?

I nod. “You can also assume I want my wife to myself, but this cake cutting business is preventing that. So can we move this little tradition along? Please?” I ask her. I bat my eyelashes, trying to come off as sweet as possible. All I need is Mom coming up with another ritual that we have to complete before I can be alone with my beautiful girl.

She laughs. I’m glad my family, including my bride, find my need for her so funny. Do they not realize the kind of will power I am using to keep her in that dress? Do they not know how bad I need to make love to her as Allison MacCoy? Shit, my dick strains against the zipper of my monkey suit just thinking about her, Allison MacCoy, my wife.

“Allie, baby, is this the last thing before we can go?” I whisper to her. I want to get her word, so Mom can’t sneak something else in on us.

She winks and nods yes. Thank you, Lord above!

I reach for the knife and my mom slaps my hand. “Liam, we have to have it announced so everyone can watch,” she scolds me.

I roll my eyes and gesture with my free hand, the one that is not holding my wife tight against me, to get the ball rolling.

With a smile and shaking her head, Mom signals to the DJ and he stops the music to announce the cutting of the cake.


Hales and I are on the dance floor. I’m holding her tight in my arms when the DJ stops the music and announces it’s time to cut the cake. I laugh at my best friend and future brother-in-law’s lack of patience this evening. Liam has grumbled all night how he can’t wait to get Allie home. Can’t say as I blame him; she is a beautiful bride. I tug my angel a little tighter at the thought of our wedding. Soon, it needs to be soon.

“Good grief, Liam is so damn impatient. All this planning we did and he’s just going to whisk her away,” Hailey huffs.

I softly chuckle at her annoyance and bring my lips to her ear. “Angel, he wants to make love to his wife. You can bet your sweet ass that I’m going to be the same way, future Mrs. Emerson,” I whisper.

I feel her body shiver, and just like that, the subject is dropped. She’s said all along that she wants a small intimate wedding, so I hope within the next few days we can nail this shit down and set a date. We fought too long and too hard to be together and I want it to be official. I want her living in my house, the one she helped me pick out. I want her to be the first person I see each morning and the last before I fall asleep. This last year has been tough. We finally worked our shit out to be together, but spent most of our time apart. She needed to finish school and I was busy with my rookie season in the NFL. I’m tired of waiting. I need this to happen now. I need her to be my wife.

I laugh at Liam and how over-the-top he can be with Allie but I get it. Of course, I have to razz him, but I understand.

Hales grabs my hand and leads me to the table so we are up close and personal with the happy couple. We watch as Liam and Allie cut the cake. Liam gently places a small piece in Allie’s mouth. When it’s her turn, she smashes it against his face. He immediately reaches for her and places his lips against her. They are now both covered in cake and wearing blinding smiles.

Hales leans up on her tiptoes; I bend down and meet her halfway. Her lips land next to my ear. “Can we do this soon? I’m ready for that to be us,” she whispers.

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